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End to End System Menu Overview

In this session, we go through an overview of the menu options in EduagentCRM. We discuss what each one means and what the options do.

In this session, we go through an overview of the menu options in EduagentCRM.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone, back front of the video in this part of the video. I want to focus in on the different menu options that you have an edge agent. So the menu is here on your left-hand side. 

It is collapsible so you can actually collapse it and still have access to the different elements within the menu. However, the menu is something that stays on the left-hand side of your screen.

The first tab is your home page, which is what we talked about earlier, which is what we call our dashboard. That’s where everything is taking place and you can. We can actually see everything that’s going on within the platform in terms of quick links to go to different places. Some of the key stats are registered here, so you can see what’s going on a couple of messages really simple, and to the point.

Next, you have your message inbox. This is where you have all your different messages and you can click on these messages to actually respond to them with different messaging, and so on also it’s really easy to use

Next. You have your inquiries tab. This is the top that shows you all the different leads that are in your system. Now, these are individuals who have inquired and I different stages of inquiry. There’s a variety of other options on this page and I will touch on them in another video, but just assuring you of the navigation options in this video, so this is the inquiries section.

Next, You have the candidates Section. Candidates are different forms of inquiries. Because candidates are our inquiries that have converted to actually applying. For some courses with you so first you have your enquiry someone just interested in your services, and then you’ve got your candidates, the ones who actually taken on your service, and this is the list we’re looking at here, and similarly, you’ve got your ability to filter here. You can click through to see more details, and so on next we’re going to look at our partner’s top, so in our partner’s top you at a place to place all your different partners. It could be ten pot as one hundred partners. It doesn’t really matter and with each one of these. Again, you can click to view more information and can see the types will touch when potlucks in a different part of the video.

Next, we have our chats and reports, and you’ll notice that open up and closes which means you can have multiple reports by only showing you the main two on two reports. Here. Here’s your reporting dashboard showing you how information has been going in and out of your system. You got the entire workflow from inquiry, prospect preparation sentence who have received an offer, accepted an offer enrolled. I have the entire workflow for your system right in front of you, so you know where everything is and then you have another type of report which you can have. This is what we call the applicant kind of the type of turbulent data, So this is a report showing all the actual applications that are being prepared and again.

You can filter on these by the university by the college. Of course, anything that you choose to filter by it. You can pick up at the top here so you can actually look at them in detail right at the bottom of the. Well before we can write to the bottom, we have something called settings again, it’s something you can collapse and open.

And in that you have your general settings now, depending on the plan that you’re with you will see the more icons in here or fewer icons really depending on the plan that you’re using.
3:14 However, once you’re in this area, you can do quite a number of things to manage your environment. Finally, you’ve got the support center, which is where we have all our tutorials and knowledge basis structure territories we call it.

Would you be able to get all the information you need to relate to any questions you have right at the bottom? You’ve got two things. If you click on the little gear here. You can change your account details really quickly. Your email might change or reset your own password. All you can click this button here to log out, and once you’re logged out your back this homescreen where we started all right. That was the overview of the menu in Edgeways Agent, Crm, See you in the next video.