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Messaging & How It Works

Communicating smoothly with your applicants and candidates is essential. This session goes over the EduagentCRM message system.

In this session, we go through messaging inside EduagentCRM Dashboard. Communicating smoothly with your applicants and candidates is essential. This session goes over the EduagentCRM message system.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone in this video. I want to talk about messaging within education. CRM, so we’re looking at a profile right now, and this profile has a number of messages within the system, so we hit title and click messages. You’ll notice that the prophet. The inquiry. In this case, this lead has submitted a number of inquiry messages asking a variety of questions now because of the system. Recognizes that this inquirer can have the same email address, but can acquire it multiple times. You’ll also notice that there are quite a number of other enquiries here.

You can actually see a better view of it here with the dates on which those inquiries were made right, but that aside each inquiry within the system is provided with a unique portal, Lick. This is the link that is unique to this specific inquiry that allows this enquirer to communicate directly with the administrator. It’s two ways in which this link can be provided to the enquirer so that they can see the enquirer side of things, so let me just dumb click on that going to copy that, and I’m going to go over here and open a brand new incognito window

And I’m going to paste that link at the top there, and you notice that as an inquirer, I now have access to this area.

This obviously is secure and. That link is one hundred percent secure, and in fact what I might do is, I’ll just close out of here and do that again, so that you can actually see that with the security link that comes up, so let’s copy that again. It’s just that I was already on that page, so it didn’t ask me for my access. Some kind of go incognito again and going to pick something.

Or you notice that it asks me to verify my email before I can exorcise. Now this link as a link that was sent to the applicant. Neither in a response and reply or directly to their email address to say this is how you must communicate with us and was asking for, is for them to confirm by entering the email address, and as soon as you have done that, the hit verify and the canal access the inquiry chance that you’ve been having with them.

This is a step up from say the email inbox that you’ve been using to date or Freshdesk waiting like that where you called back and forth messages going through, but an inside the email client. We’ve taken all that and put that into an inquiry portal that allows every emo to have his own unique thread out At least every conversation to have it’s own unique thread with an enquirer, and this is how you can see that message to actually send a message as an inquirer. I simply have to type in here. Hi another message and hit send.

And what that does it sends a message to see if it’s logged in the timeline, and if I go over to dissent over here. You see that the message. It’s arrived Dennis and is sent from that visual on that day, and you’ll notice that the action of the topless change to engaged, and what that means is that this up the enquirer has gone from being too low, status change has gone from being a waiting for a message to engage. In other words, It actively on the system. Right now. I can choose to know Communicate back with them by simply hitting ripped by simply hitting reply, so I can just hit reply and say. I, I,
3:34 hi, Lynne would
3:36 have seen the messages
3:42 I will be in touch.
3:49 Right so that’s a message I could write. You could also choose to save that messages can message. You could add an attachment from the database. You could add some and other information templates that you might have, or you can have a beacon messages in that. Today, we just focusing single sending this message across. You’ll notice as soon as I send the message across when are awaiting a reply from the applicant that that happen automatically, and and the message has been logged if we go over to Linwood. A portal. You’ll notice that the message has been logged there is, and in here you also notice that an email has gone out. Linwood telling them that there was a message waiting for them to view in the portal, and this reply button sends them directly to purchase, Hit upon them to their portal. Okay, so that’s how we’ve managed to make sure that no emails or conversations get lost. Everything’s kept in the timeline in a system then inquiry timeline, and it also means the day with. She appointed which Lynnwood is converted to a candidate, and they actually have applications. This portal turns into the candidate portal, allowing them to continue on with application, and I should have noted, noted as well that you can also attach files in this area, so you can actually touch as Linwood If you asked Lin Wood or some documents now, and then we could go here and attach a file and actually upload that into the system ready to send to you. What on that note? I will see you in the next video. Thicker.