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How To Upload Your Admin Profile Photo

In this session, we go through how easy it is to personalise your profile and increase engagement by changing your Admin profile photo.

In this session, we go through how to change your Admin profile photo

Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up your profile photo so that you can see your picture at the top there, and the way you can change all your personal details, so if you could, if you click on this little gear icon right here the bottom you can see that you can change certain elements about your account and profile your email address your surname and your title and a bunch of other information.

One thing I want to change right now is just my profile photos. I’m going to click on that. Select the profile photo that I want to use Hit save and it will confirm that it’s done straight away. You’ll be able to see your profile photo there, okay? Just.