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How to Brand Your Candidate Portal

Portals for candidates and enquirers are available. They can be customised to conform to your brand. In this video, I demonstrate how.

Hi, everyone in this video. I want to talk to you about how to brand your portal.

Video Transcript

Hi, everyone in this video. I want to talk to you about how to brand your portal. Now you will have heard about this in previous videos, or in the other videos. You have not watched him Yet Is that we provide all inquiries and candidates with a portal in which they can login, and you know, see the progress of the application, or just communicate with you directly within the portal.

So today we’re talking about how to brand, Just give it some colours and make it look a little bit more pleasing to the eye. Okay, So you log into your environment over here. You go into your general settings. We go over to Porto Manager, and in here you’ll notice.

Got a number of options of thinking different branding options that you have in here You could change colours. You know. Let’s just save that down hit save, Go back to the portal. You’ll notice that you can change the colours around.

Naturally does not the colour that I would go with, so I’m going to refer that back to a

A white. Which is the same as just doing that over here. We’ll just take white over there and hit safe, Okay, so I’m just showing you that you’ve got full control of the colours to happen in the background here, but what don’t really want to do here was changed the logo to something more pleasing, so I’m going to add one of my logos here, and I’m going to select and hit save, and then if we go over to the other side.

And reload you notice. You know, Cause your logo, so you can actually bring this environment to look a little bit more like yours so that the applicant feels really at home in your environment.

I wanted to share that with you, so the process I went through as you remember was settings general settings, and then I clicked on the option to manage the portal, and they gave me this window where I was able to just fool around and change the branding colours.

Alright, That’s it for today. Yes.