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Product Features

The vehicle for providing the ultimate applicant journey lies within the applicant portal.

Increase the effectiveness of your partnerships with greater transparency and enhanced focus – dedicated portals allow information sharing and task allocation.

Ensure your application process is second to none with tools that enable smooth, timely and trackable transitions through each stage.

Eliminate duplication of effort with automation and batch processing, streamlining data entry and processing to maximise your daily achievements.

Optimise your communication effort to create relevant, timely and action-driven messages and simplify sending with dynamic groupings and system triggers.

Manage data security and legislative compliance for your own peace of mind and to assure customers that you’re looking out for their interests.

First impressions matter! Create the conditions for timely and relevant responses to enquiries and impress enquirers from the moment they express interest.

Include every potential customer by meeting them right where they are at – on their preferred platforms and embracing their access needs.

Relevant information at the tip of your fingers enables you to make informed and data-driven business decisions so you stay one step ahead of the competition and keep stakeholders engaged.

Create optimal conditions for your daily workflows, establishing system settings and users that support the processes you worked hard to refine.

Access information about your system status and health to exercise control and take appropriate action in the face of the unexpected.

Enjoy the knowledge that a team of people are working tirelessly to maintain the security and reliability of your system – so you don’t have to.

Turn your memory into as asset by making tasks that can be assigned to team members, tracked to completion and trigger notifications to keep everyone in the loop.

Amplify your efficiency with views that provide the right information, dynamically updated through filters you set to meet your needs.

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