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The Perfect CRM For Immigration Agencies

Introducing a new and exciting way to capture visa applications and permits from local and international candidates.

Look no further than EduAgent CRM! Our software makes it easy to capture visa applications, schedule interviews, capture essential documents and administer travel visas. You’ll be in control of the process every step of the way, and you can stay on top of your set goals.

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With EduagentCRM, the core features of a successful Education Agency are built into your work environment. We provide you with a fast & simple way to capture & accept applications from immigrants.

This allows you to start with the right foundations, whether you are starting afresh or moving from another system.

Streamlined workflows help you quickly move visa applicants into settled immigrants fast.

Designed for SME’s, agencies and enterprises focused on visa processing, EduAgent CRM makes for easy communications between all team members involved in the application processes. Providing workflows that make it easy to work together, automate processes, and faster with a vision to help you accomplish your business goals.

Workflow for Immigration Users

The entire system has been streamlined around this simple seven (7) step workflow below.

A top visa processing CRM provides a solid foundation for a successful immigration agency.

Who is it For?


Immigration Agencies

  • Home affairs
  • Immigration agents
  • Resettlement services

Subagents, Education Consultants or Small Companies Providing Advice & Counselling For Prospective Students.

Even when you are an individual or small team you’ll want to optimise your operation. Incorporating EduAgent CRM will ensure the required efficiency and management best practices. Our goal is to empower your start-up business by allowing you to invest the smallest amount of time and money.

What Makes Our CRM Software the Best CRM for Your Business?

It’s more than just an immigration management system. It gives you just the right amount of features & benefits plus agency management best practice steps, enabling you to perform like a world-class immigration consultant.

These are the key areas we focus on to help you reduce the admin burden


1. Communication

Our solution helps you communicate with candidates in a simplified and predictable way. We designed our CRM solution to help you maintain a policy of zero email silos meaning no communication from candidates is ever lost. This allows you to provide attentive communication levels.


2. Workflow

Through repetitive workflows, to encourage potential candidates to seriously consider your organisation we help you collect the right information at the right time, send the right message and the right time and stick to follow-ups that work. We have designed our visa processing CRM to help you manage each interaction, whether it’s with applicants or internal team members.


3. Visibility

We provide you with a way to keep your finger on the pulse, constantly making the most of key reports that show you the application status for all candidates, broken down by type of visa and destination. We’ve made it so that you can get data about the entire application process with the touch of a button.

This is why our CRM software gives you just the right amount of features and allows you to perform like a world-class immigration agent.


An Entire CRM Designed for immigration agencies and service providers

  • We offer the ultimate applicant journey giving you the tools you need to do what you set out to do.
  • A responsive CRM for a smoother application process.
  • EduAgent CRM helps you respond to applications with efficiency.
  • A responsive CRM that makes managing visa applicants, processing applications, and providing ultimate applicant journeys with a breeze.
  • Speed up the application process. Provide an excellent customer experience.
  • EduAgent CRM streamlines your business and saves you time.
  • Keep up with all the information that is flowing through your agency with ease.
  • A responsive system that lets your team manage everything in one place.
  • Find new visa applicants and immigrants without wasting much time!
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