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Three steps to study abroad recruitment success

  • March 15, 2016

Studying abroad is an exciting, yet daunting prospect for anyone applying for education overseas. Language barriers, culture shocks and feeling a homesick stranger are often cited among the biggest worries by study abroad applicants.

Among the options available to ease them into the process is support and counselling from education consultants and agents. Agents usually look after the entire process, from guidance on choosing where and what to study, down to the securing of an enrolment itself. While developing EduAgent CRM, the first freemium-based enquiry management tool for the industry, our team recognised that there are key factors that can ease the role of study abroad recruiters.

We know you are already doing a good job, but there are always ways to make it a great job and become a successful recruiter:

1. Listen to potential applicants

The worst thing for a job, placement or course seeker is to be felt ignored. For recruiters, listening (and not just hearing) is vital. Prospects making enquiries typically already know where and what they would like to study, and being told they would be better off at another Institution altogether or a completely different course will put them right off.

Where is the growth? Guiding prospects around their choices will naturally make them feel supported and more confident. It will also encourage them to market for you by telling others applying about what a brilliant service you are providing.

  • 2. Make records in one place
  • Choose your preferred note-taking method, and ritually record every inbound and outbound enquiry like so. Paper and pen may work before you exceed 10 prospects, after that you really need something speedier. Whether it is a web-based, all rounded software tool like EduAgent CRM, or a simple spreadsheet, make sure to record everything in the same place.

    Where is the growth? You won’t need to waste time translating scribbles, collating notes on an individual or locating several individual documents when you need them. When you expand your workforce, your partner network or your client base, you can navigate the growth in an efficient manner.

  • 3. Keep on track of follow ups
  • That means that following up is always given! Take out the time to communicate verbally and in writing – be personal. And each time you do follow up by letter, email, phone call, Skype or SMS, make a note to yourself. Summarise the conversation, the next step and mark the date in that record your made for this prospect with all the rest.

    Where is the growth? At a glance, you’ll know where in your recruitment funnel a prospect is. You’ll quickly identify the hot and warm leads to jump on, and you’ll also be able to pick out who will move down your funnel no more. You’ll always have work to do, either chasing, re-engaging current prospects or going out in search of new business.

    Implementing these three simple steps in your recruitment business guarantees you the growth rate you are potentially missing because you have been trying too hard to work outdated systems.

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    EduAgent CRM is an Intelligent CRM software tool crafted to help you grow your Study Abroad Business.
    EduAgent CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps you capture enquiries from prospective students and turn them into applications ready to send to your partner schools.