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South Africa’s ELT sector suffers new visa rules, US suspends some study abroad in Europe and more

  • August 1, 2016

Bringing you the weeks’ International Education news affecting Study Abroad and Education Agencies around the world in around one hundred words

25th – 31st July 2016

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US unis cancel some study abroad programmes in Europe

Putting the welfare and safety of students to the fore, several US institutions suspend study abroad programmes in Turkey and Belgium due to break out of conflict and violence.

New rules considered for Japan’s language schools

The Justice Ministry of Japan has suggested revised tighter regulations to make disqualification of schools easier on the grounds of quality of education and facilities.

South Africa’s ELT is hit by visa rules introduced in 2014

As ELT schools downsize or shut down, less people are being employed and the situation forces for students to be relocated to other institutions. Worst affected markets are China, Angola, Libya and Saudi Arabia


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