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It’s Feature Friday! Why not import enquiries from existing spreadsheets?

  • July 29, 2016

EduAgent CRM enables you to import enquiries from spreadsheet. Yes, that’s in addition to the embeddable form with inbuilt enquiry capture provided.

Collect an abundance of enquiries while on your travels, attending to telephone calls and sifting through existing spreadsheets. Don’t be afraid of increasing your reach to recruit a greater number of applicants because collating their information is now easier than ever.


With the pain-free ‘Import from spreadsheet’ feature, you don’t need to enter each enquiry record one by one, nor do you have to inconvenience a potential lead to have to fill out the form on your website. This neat little helper is found right inside your Enquiries Tab > Under the Add New dropdown menu.

Now you can spend the time saved on data entry and follow up on getting more qualified leads in front of your partners.

It’s as simple as that!


EduAgent CRM is an Intelligent CRM software tool crafted to help you grow your Study Abroad Business.
EduAgent CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps you capture enquiries from prospective students and turn them into applications ready to send to your partner schools.