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Brexit stumps travel industry, debate on net migration continues and global investment in student housing reaches new heights

  • November 13, 2017

Bringing you the weeks’ International Education news affecting Study Abroad and Education Agencies around the world in around one hundred words

6th – 12th November 2017 ***For the full story and source, please click on the link headlines***

UK: Brexit stumps £22bn youth travel industry

Students travelling to the UK contribute £22.3bn to the UK’s economy. However, an average growth of 4.7% indicates that the sector is not lacking within the country’s overall tourism market.

Debate on UK net migration issue continues

Home secretary Amber Rudd has reignited the ongoing debate of whether international students should be included in the net migration target, after the Financial Times ran a story that Amber Rudd is hoping to remove international students from the migrant count in the future.

New heights reached for global investment in suitable student housing

Availability of student housing dwindles within popular study destinations. Both investors and multinational housing providers alike are pushing to take advantage of the current situation.  


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