EduAgent CRM



Easy to Embed Form

Engage your customers fast with simple set up to customise and embed as many unique EduAgent CRM contact forms as you need. The form collects and displays enquiries in real time, to make sure you reach out when your customers are most interested.


Convert Enquiries Faster

Make the eagerness of your customers count with click-button conversion. Your customers are instantly invited to complete their application, increasing the chances of successful submission, partner matching and earning that all important commission.

Integrated Tracker

Whatever you need to know right now, you can access with an intuitive tracker that shows your pipeline, from enquiry through to enrolment. You’ll know just what to invoice for and can win over your partners by letting them know what’s coming.


Everything in One Place

Prove your value to your customers with a portal that caters for all their needs offering the ultimate applicant journey. Enabling your customers to view progress on their application, track its status after submission, and communicate directly with your team from the same online portal boosts their chances of success and saves valuable staff time.

Say "Goodbye" to Paper

Super charge your efficiency by swapping paper for software. All the data you collect is at your fingertips, with sophisticated search and filter functions. Logical form design ensures that customers only submit relevant information, providing customisation they crave.


Work on Any Device

Wherever you – or your customers – are, EduAgent CRM is with you. Online software that is mobile responsive removes barriers from your customers  – enabling them to complete, submit and track their application – and enables you to work smart in all situations.


From Signup to Launch in Minutes

On-boarding shouldn’t take you days, or even hours. Once you register and embed the enquiry management form on your website, you are ready to start processing your enquiries through EduAgent.


Mobile Ready Out of the Box

Need to work on the move? EduAgent comes 100% mobile ready, allowing you to manage incoming enquiries or process applications through your pipeline even when you are away from your desk.


Add-on Functionality & Upgrades

We are passionate about the industry, and believe in keeping up with the needs of our community. We are constantly iterating and updating our solution to stay abreast with changes and market demands.

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