We are giving away 1000 free CRM accounts

  • April 5, 2016

We are giving you the chance to go paperless and get started with a free EduAgent CRM account. Only 1000 accounts were up for grabs when we started, and we have been overwhelmed with the uptake so far.  You can grab your free account right here.

What Is EduAgent CRM

So for those visiting us for the first time, let me share with you what EduAgent CRM is all about. EduAgent CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps you capture enquiries from prospective students and turn them into applications ready to send to your partner schools.

What Makes Our Education Agent CRM Different From The Rest?

Throughout the Research and Development of EduAgent CRM, our team has reached out to the industry for first hand experiences and emotions. From UCAS meetings, to Skype calls, from LinkedIn conversations to education conventions and exhibitions; we have thrived in maximising every opportunity to go out (or online) into the field and strike a connection with education agents. By listening to education agents and consultants across the globe, we were able to identify the various ways in which education abroad applications work and how consultants and agents like to conduct business. We also picked up on the features and components that really don’t make a difference, whilst at the same time picking up on those features that would significantly impact and grow a study abroad agency business.

3 Key Things We Discovered From Speaking To Study Abroad Agents

  • We found that often overlooked aspects such as working faster and more efficiently (with ease of use, simple navigation and a slick interface) really did matter.
  • We also learnt that having a solution that looked great and got users excited was simply not enough!  Ultimately, it had to be affordable.
  • We also learnt that users wanted to try out the solution extensively before fully committing and settling down.
This lead to us building EduAgent CRM around a 1000 account freemium model (instead of the usual paid for solutions out there). Ultimately offering an initial free solution to enquiry management that looked good, was easy to use and could be setup in no time at all.

A Quick Overview Of The Main Features

EduAgent CRM sports features that encourage the study abroad community to expand their business geographically.
  • Automated Workflow – Inbuilt automated workflows focused on moving your enquiries through to applications are a functionality that guarantee and free up time to work more efficiently, to dedicate energy in securing contracts with new partner institutions, or even to recruit students from other localities.
  • Embedable Forms – The ease of embedding a dedicated online enquiry forms that automatically loads your enquiries into your CRM allow you to hit the ground running and start capturing enquiries straight off your website right away. This cann all be done with no tech experience or needing to contact your developer
  • Import Existing List – Already have a list of contacts? EduAgent CRM allows you to import an existing spreadsheet of contacts direct into your CRM.
  • Power Features – For study abroad professionals working as part of a larger network with sub-agents, EduAgent CRM has additional features available.
I hope that gives you a quick overview of what you get when you signup and start using EduAgent CRM. We hope to see you on the other side.  So  grab your free account  right away.


EduAgent CRM is an Intelligent CRM software tool crafted to help you grow your Study Abroad Business.
EduAgent CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps you capture enquiries from prospective students and turn them into applications ready to send to your partner schools.